Well, let me tell you a little about my family, me and Dandelion designs.

Firstly my little family, I have been married to my handsome husband for 8 years now. He’s a Watch Commander within the Fire service. We first met in the summer of 2000. We both worked for the same outdoor company, different branches. I went over to help out at Pete’s branch and fell in love instantly. We stayed friends for many years going our separate ways and even losing contact, but Pete always managed to find me. One October day in 2007 Pete texted me and asked if I fancied going for a drink? 10 years later we’re married with two beautiful boys.


Oliver is 7 and Thomas is 3 they both adore nature and outdoor life Oliver has shown an interest in art and wants to learn crochet. Thomas is a little cave man and totally adores dinosaurs and snails🐌.

My Best friend has 4 paws 🐾 Marmite is my 10 year old Tabby tiger who is always by my side. Then the stray Fluffy who lives at the bottom of the garden, she has well and truly adopted us and has been with us for the passed 7 years. Our new addition is Patch the Lionhead Rabbit who is 5 months old.

Then there’s me! A worn down, broken down mommy. I work part time, and try to keep on top of the house work. ( I prefer playing with the boys, BlackBerry picking,tent building snuggling up or going to the park).

To top every thing off I decided to make crafts and sell them to raise a bit of spending money for ice creams and day trips while on holiday. I seem to give my wears away rather than sell. But as I get more time I’ll make more and get those extra pennies. So there we go, Dandelion designs is now up and running ( well crawling haha)

I welcome your comments and friendship. My blog is not just about crafting but life as a mommy too💞.

First blog post …

Thursday 9th August 2017

I’m  in bed at 2.30am writing my very first business blog. Let me tell you a little about my self. My name is Loren I’m married to my fire fighter and celebrated 8 years of marriage yesterday.

I have two little boys who adore the outdoors and playing on the Beach. Also my two beautiful cats Marmite and Fluffy.

I currently have a part time job working for a supermarket but have recently gone through a period of bad health and have decided it’s time to  slow down and do something that I enjoy and can  also  pass pleasure to others too.

So I’ve decided to try out Dandelion designs my home made  items, with every stitch made with love.

 I have currently got into crochet and quilting/working with fabric and find it to be my way to unwind.

I’ve been crafty in one way or another since I was a child with my first loves  being knitting and cork bobbin.

I hope you enjoy my blog and can’t wait to find some new friends💙..

To craft or not to craft?

As I’ve been browsing through a few sites over the weekend I noticed fellow crafters talking about ” holiday projects “.

This is mulling around in my head as I am packing for our 2 week holiday at our caravan in Tenby.

I was considering not taking any crafts with me this time as I always have something I’m making for another person with me. May be i should reconsider and take a project for me? But then I have a dilemma what to take with me?

Crochet, knitting, quilting or cross stitch?

Or do I take nothing? I need your help – I would love to see your holiday projects and let’s have a little vote, I’m going to leave you to choose for me xxx

Sugar & spice & all things nice 🎁

I am so lucky to have a beautiful little cousin to make nice things for. Today is little Miss’s 1st birthday and can finally show you pictures of her birthday present.

Id rather make a gift for someone than make something for myself everything is always made with love. My next project is to finish off my Aunties bat and sister in laws unicorn .

I do suffer with anxiety and find the best method for me is either a walk on ý beach or crafting. 9 times out of 10 it’s walking, this morning it’s off to the shop to get çrossants, home along the canal and then the its time to relax before my hubby returns from his 2 week course and finally get to celebrate our anniversary together. Missed him so much 💖